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Who Will Blossom?
... Into Candybar's Next Top Model?
Elimination 6 
16th-May-2008 06:15 pm
CB2J: Kyrie
Another long wait, again I'm sorry. (There has been slacking on all fronts here. @__@ We should pick up the pace.. The finalè is so close!) Anyway, without further ado, your elimination ceremony begins now!

The group of five remaining girls stepped into the judging room, only to stop short on the steps and raise their eyebrows. What? "Did.. did we go back to the States?" One of them stammered confusedly. They glanced around the judging room that--yes, looked exactly like the one that they had been judged in in America. They all looked to the judges wearily, not really understanding what was going on.

The judges giggled behind the desk, and Kyrie placed her hands on her hips. "What? We said we loved this Judging Room, didn't we? We decided to bring it with us! Anyway, I want to welcome you girls to this extremely familiar judging room. This week, we're going to eliminate one of you and become one step closer to finding out who is going to be Candybar's Next Top Model! But first I have to introduce your fabulous judges!

"The first is Antona Mitchell, and.." She stopped, looking up to the girls. "What's wrong?"

Leona had her finger pointed, whispering something to CJ beside her. It seemed the girls were experiencing a lot of deja vu this week. Not only was the room exactly the same but.. Were there two Antonas on the panel this week? The lot of them looked back and forth, back and forth, trying to figure out what was going on, when one of them noticed.. "It's Wren!"

"Not only that," Holly noted, forcing back a laugh. "They're all wearing Antona's clothes.. See? I remember that skirt." The rest of the girls slowly took notice that, yes, all of the judges were wearing clothes that had once been worn by the red-headed judge, or that at least captured her stripes-and-purple theme.

The judges couldn't hold back their snickers. "Yes. Actually, our likenesses are not only just for fun, or to give you girls a strange sense of deja vu, but also to give you a preview of next week's photoshoot. For those of you who survive, you get to ponder the meaning behind our actions..! But before we can even eliminate you, I have to finish introducing your judges!"

"The first is the REAL Antona Mitchell, fashion editor of En Magazine, the 'Fashionista's Best Friend and Bible.' Will the real Antona please stand up?" Antona waved from her seat. "Girl, I said stand up! Anyway, the next is Jae Mytchell, the CEO, co-founder and inventor of Au Naturel cosmetics, who is rocking something yet to be worn by our lovely Antona, but who has certainly captured her spirit quite well."

"Third we have Renee Carmendy of Carmendy Models Inc, the woman who will be your boss-lady, should you win our grand prize. She's putting one of Antona's old skirts to the test. How's it faring, Renee?"

"Marveously," the businesswoman said, patting the material under the desk.

"Good to hear! Last is Wren Mitchell Antona Berry.. Or just Wren Berry, Candybar's Fourth-to-Next-Top-Model from Cycle 0. She is, as you can plainly see, channeling Antona through every inch of her body."

"Last there's me, Kyrie Elyson, fashion photographer, wardrobe bandit and wannabe Marilyn Monroe. And let's not forget your amazing prizes! The first of which is a contract with Carmendy Models Inc, a $100,000 contract with Au Naturel Cosmetics, a cover and spread with En Magazine, shot and styled by myself and Antona, and, finally, a chance to walk the runways of Paris Fashion Week after being taught the tricks of the trade by the panel's very own Wren Berry."

"This week you had your first photoshoot in Brazil, and you girls had to take the streets with some amazing Samba dancing. We like doing photoshoots and challenges that have to do with dancing because it shows how well you girls can move in front of a camera. We added an extra challenge this week, because the girls had to work with a partner."

"Really?" Antona leaned in. "Who did they work with?"

Jae perked up. "Oh! Oh! They worked with Mark Ryan! He's the little brother of the winner of Cycle 0, Maranda Jones.. He's a devilish little rogue, and so dreamy.. And he's fun, and.."

"I think Jae has a crush!" Renee laughed. "Anyway, maybe we'll give you some of the pictures to take home tonight. Let's go ahead and see the first shot! I really want to see how these girls moved it."

"Okay! First up is.."


Wren: Nice costume! That colour looks so nice on you. You look GORGEOUS. But I see little to no movement in the photo...and...Mark is sitting down taking photos of you? Or..just holding a camera? What happened there? It looks like you guys are in the middle of taking a break from the photoshoot. I feel like you got sidetracked with Mark working with you. This is one of the major challenges of being a model. Yes, you'll have to work with supremely hot gods and godesses that just steal your breath away! But your job is to steal the limelight and be fierce in front of these god-like beauties. Remember, you too are gorgeous and these people are meant to be your back-ups, your compliments. Use them in the photo as if they were some sort of beautiful prop. You can fall in love with them after the shoot is over with.
Renee: Wow, Zephyr, Wow!! You look stunning, that oufit speaks for itself. And I like the fact that you didnt use bold colors on an already bold outfit. Smart move. You're hair looks stunning too, the contrast against the costume is great! Love it! BUT...yes, there is a but,....it doesnt look like you're dancing. I'm going to have to agree with Wren and say that it does look like you two decided to take a break. That makes me sad, cause the costume speaks highly, but I'm not seeing you and it at its full potential.
Kyrie: Um.. So.. Zephyr. Whatcha lookin' at? Because it sure isn't the camera, and it isn't Mark, either. That's the first thing that struck me about this picture--not the beautiful costume, not the scenery or the excitement of the samba dance.. But the fact that you're not connecting with the camera. You gotta remember: connect. Your eyes will draw your audience in. This picture could have looked like a still after you finished a wonderful samba, as you steamily gaze at the camera, the people who watched you move with beautiful sultry eyes.. But.. Because you don't have your sultry eyes pointed at the camera, you look.. Bored. Stiff. Flat. Uninspired. Your costuming is beautiful, you're beautiful.. But you didn't capture any movement in the photograph. You look almost intimidated.. Like.. "Heehee, he's looking at me!" That would have been great if this was a teen magazine ad or something... But.. It's not.
Antona: Wow, that's a gorgeous outfit, but where are you looking? Is your headdress starting to fall and you had to give it a look to keep it up? And while it is great that Mark can take pictures, it looks like he was an afterthought they threw in just because you needed to have a picture with him. You also don't look like you're dancing at all, it looks like you had just ended your dance, or are just about to start it, but not in the midst of dancing, which was the point of the shoot. Not too bad, but not the greatest either.
Jae: Your outfit rocks so hard. The feathers are absolutely beautiful and the colors rock on you.
There's no interaction though. You're looking at one another. That's all. (Looks at Kyrie.) Oooooh, we're scandalously dancing. Oooooh. We're bad girls. And is he being kinda pervy there with a camera? MY MARKY IS NOT LIKE THAT! He's secretly pervy. The only thing that is confusing in the technical department is the boots and gloves. They feel a little pillow shaded. Watch out for that. Mark's shirt being open is pretty awesome. His chest is yummy.
Kyrie: She really does have a raging schoolgirl crush on him, doesn't she?
Judges: (Nod slowly.)
Kyrie: Thanks, Zephyr.


Wren: Ok, this is good. I like your disposition, you look like you're having a good time. But you also look a little stiff. We need to see some curvy, some booty, some saaaammmbaaaaa! This is kind of more Broadway. Or even a little Can-can. Or even a little dancing-in-the-streets-of-Hollywood-crazy. You've got the personality down though CJ, and your costume works. ...What's Mark doing sitting down? Why isn't he up having fun with you? He looks a little bored...I hope he wasn't!
Renee: LOVE the colors you've chosen, they're bright, vibrant, fun, etc. etc. but the costume fell a liiiiiitle flat for me. Coming from a dance background, I know the time it takes for these samba ladies to work on their costuming, repairing them, adding jewels, adding flare and what have you, and this doenst have enough "brazilian flare" in it. Your pose is okay, looks like you're moving into snake arms layered with a left hip up--sorry, belly dancing terms. I really like your expression, you seem to be having fun! And thats great that Marks your drummer boy, but I would have loved to seen him interacting with you in a more direct way.
Kyrie: Oh God, she needs more pieces of flair. CJ! You need at least 15 pieces of flair!
Jae: Was that an 'Office Space' joke?
Kyrie: It was.
Jae: Huh.
Kyrie: Anyway, I feel like, while you're the only girl who showed any movement, I also feel like you were stiff, and that your expression definitely leaves something to be desired.. There's a fine line between looking happy but high fashion, looking commercial, and looking.. ... Insane. I do feel like you picked a pretty blah costume, and I wish you would have taken EVERYTHING to the extreme--costume, hair, pose, makeup, flirting with Mark, getting your groove on. You're only kinda halfway there, and it's a bit disappointing that this is the final six and we got such a lukewarm photo from you..
Antona: I love your movement here, but your costume falls a little flat. Brazilian samba is all about the exuberance and lots of feathers and shinyness to catch the light as you're shakin' that groove thang... but just a little bit of fringe, and a large headdress is not quite taking it to that next level. And drummer Mark is cute, but why couldn't he have been dancing with you?
Jae: Oh la la, mamacita! You're lookin hot up there. And I likie how you have Mark doing something, even if it's not dancing. I wish he was dancing. He's pretty. He deserves to dance. But damn girl! I agree with Wren on the point that it's a little wide arms and butt down. Get some more hip in it next time.


Wren: ROCK. Your pose just makes me want to dance! You conveyed movement really well here, Max-B. And I love that you're all dancing out in the street they they are in the video. It's a festival! I wish Mark was interacting a little more with you, but at least he is up and about and not sitting on a box. One more thing, I would've liked to have seen a little more excitement in your face, or a least a bigger smile to show us that you're enjoying yourself. Still, you've done a great job here. Congrats.
Renee: I would say this captures the "Ballroom Samba" feel more than the "Street" feel, as far as the outfit goes. Its not extravagent, but its not bland. The color suits you great! The pose is cute too, I can see you're in the middle of a move, great pose! And Mark, well, I cant really tell what he's doing, and what's in his hand? He just looks like a guy that got caught in the background when the camera went off. I'm a little unmoved by this photo all together, I was expecting a little more from you. But overall, you did well.
Kyrie: Eek. Who chose this shot? Seriously, whoever did did neither of you justice. While your pose isn't bad, something about it is kinda.. Dumpy to me. I don't know how to describe it. The makeup is all wrong, the hair is all wrong.. And lime green was a bad color choice, I think. Ugh. I'm even a little disappointed in Mark with this one.. But! There's an upside. With different hair, makeup, and outfit, this pose would have been rockin'... However, it does look more like ballroom samba, and we wanted carnival, you know?
Antona: Again, I'm repeating the this is ballroom samba, not carnival/street samba. Your pose is good, but not great, and you could maybe look like you were having more fun. I think the idea of Mark is okay in this one, at least he's standing, and trying to be a bit of a more active participant, but it still seems a bit static, and I'd like to see the next shot of your movement after this was taken to see if you were just posing, or truly dancing
Jae: HE'S STANDING! OMG! HE'S NOT ON HIS BUM! OMG! Somebody throw some confetti, I ran out of my stash of sparkles earlier. Beyond that, you look hot. Samba hot. Your skirt works perfectly and your body is droppin it like it's hot. The background is purty and fitting and I like the saturation on it. It's the crazy wild overwhelming like Carnival. It's like that one night that I was in the headdress and dancin with my dance school and the drums were playing and the drinks were everywhere and...wait...this probably isn't a good story to be broadcasting. ... However. Yes, there's always a however. I wish you were up on him. He'd like that. And there's nothing wrong with him, he doesn't have leprosy. In fact, I'd dance with him...if I had the chance. Not that I have. (Grumble.) Also, his face is yellow. Which is...a little off.


Wren: Okay, I really like your outfit and you're lookin' sexy and sultry, which is GREAT. But it doesn't look like you're dancing. Holly Holly Holly....we're you showing off here? Ohhhh, Holly. I know he's gorgeous but you need to keep focused on the competition! It's clear that you two have some chemistry--
Wren: --So you should be working it into the photo instead of making goo-goo eyes at each other. As cute and sexy as you look, this photo is just not working for me. I don't see much dancing going on.
Renee: I agree with Wren, I dont see much dancing going on...this just looks like a Samba/Brazilian inspired shot, nothing more. I really really REALLY love your outfit though. The overall composition is...well, its cohesive, very very cohesive. Yes, I used the word. One problem with the outfit though, your bottoms look too much like granny panties, I realize, as a dancer, you want as much coverage as possible to keep all the goodies locked up, but I think they could have been a little skimpier. The interaction between you and Mark seems a little too much like you're giving him and only him a "show", and thats not what we asked of you. Overall, I'm torn between this one. On one hand, I loved your outfit, on the other, the emotion/task at hand with the shot wasnt really there.
Kyrie: Yellow is a great color for you, Holly, but I still wish you guys would keep it away from your eyes.. It just makes you look sickly.. Er, but. The outfit, while a great color choice, and the top half is fabulous.. I agree with Renee that it looks like you're wearing golden granny panties, and that's.. not sexy at all. Your pose would have been wonderful if we hadn't been asking for movement.. I don't sense any movement in this picture.. And Renee is right, it almost gets a 'stripper' vibe because it looks like you were putting on a show for Mark and Mark alone. I love that you didn't put your eyes on the camera though. Even if you didn't have a thing for Mark, I feel like you're definitely digging him... But the feeling of the photo overall just feels kinda.. Meh.
Jae: Holly Hotty. You got big boobies in that.. shirt?. And you really do look good. Mark's just sittin there bein pervy though. Kinda sad really. I feel like he can just watch and not touch...which reminds me too of strippers. And you don't look happy. Dancers love dancing. SMILE.
Antona: You look good in yellow, Holly! But you don't really look like you were in the middle of a dance movement, just posing in a samba costume, which isn't bad, but wasn't quite what we were going for. And Mark's just sitting there watching? Why couldn't he have been dancing with you?


Kyrie: First of all, Leona, we want to think you for struggling to get this in to us. We know how hard it can be when you land on a plane in an unfamiliar country and catch a local virus! Luckily, you're cured now. As a model, though, it takes determination to push through an illness like that and grab a shot like this one. Truth? I don't hate it. As a last-ditch effort, this is actually a very nice picture. I also like that you used Mark in the picture, rather than having him sit off to the side. He's actively doing something, and that's nice.. Although I really would have liked to see him dance! But it's missing a big part of the Samba flair to it. Just remember: be on time, even if you're sick as Hell! You hear?
Jae: I like the photo. Probably the best of the bunch but it didn't hit samba really. So um...Yeah! Hit more samba! Yeah!
Renee: Uhhhhhhh...hmmmmmm...well, ummmmm...where's the Samba?! All I see is mark taking pics of you in your underwear. I realize you rushed this due to your health problems, but its just not even close. Great editing work, but I dont see any of what we asked for in this.
Antona: I love the interaction... while it doesn't say Samba at all, the interaction is fabulous, and Mark is too funny with his camera!
Wren: Wrentona Mitchberry deems this.. Acceptable.
Kyrie: Wren.. tona? Er.. Thanks, Leona!


Kyrie: Ava, I understand that this week you also caught the virus that Leona had? Unfortunately, you weren't able to do the photoshoot. I don't know if it was sickness or laziness, but, hon.. You gotta do the photoshoots. They're essential to your modeling career. Plus, it's the only way we can really judge you! If you don't do the photoshoots, we don't know what we're looking at. Please keep this in mind for the future, okay? Because you don't have a photo this week, we'll be evaluating your past portfolio, and judging you based on your overall performance throughout the cycle as well as your personality and potential. Yes, the four P's--Portfolio, Performance, Personality and Potential!

"Alright. Now the judges will deliberate, and we'll decide which one of you is--"


Everyone in the judging room stopped what they were doing, and the girls suddenly jumped as they were gently pushed aside. All of the judges' (especially Jae) eyes widened when they saw who had just entered the judging room.

"There's still one more model to judge, ladies!"

Wren, Renee, Antona and Kyrie all looked at each other, trying not to laugh, when all of a sudden.


Jae came flying at the speed of light and pounced the male model where he stood on the runway. "Hello, Jae. Thank you for boarding the Mark Express. Next stop--my bedroom! Choo, choo!" He started for the door, making little chugging train noises as he went.

The blonde judge giggled. "Oh Mark, you make such convincing train noises, is there something you're not telling us?"

"Oh Mark? Aren't you forgetting something?"

"Oh yeah!" He pivoted and headed back over to the middle of the runway. "Alright, ladies. Judge me!"

Antona: Mark, Mark, Mark... why were you just sitting down on the job? We know you had some sexy girls to work with, and you didn't even want to dance with them? What's your problem? Try to be more active next time! You're not just a lump on a log!
Renee: Wow...Ummm..well...poor Mark, poor poor Mark. This photoshoot must have been THE BIGGEST TEASE (Glares at all the models.) IN THE WORLD for you!! I mean, here you are, a handsome young man, who's been given the opportunity to do a Samba Dancin' photoshoot with all these beautiful ladies...and what do we see? We see you sitting down, watching from afar. Did you just forget to wear deodorant that day? Eat alot of garlic? What?! I dont get it?! Was it your choice to not be interactive with the girls, did they tell you to just sit in the background, was it the photographers?! I'm just a little confused. What happened?
Jae: Dude. Mark. These pictures are so not what I wanted from you. Did you hurt your leg? Is that why you're always behind and sittin? Awww...Marky Mark! I got some balms and creams and a splint. Oooooh, or were you feeling like you didn't wanna get close? That they're not in your league? Awwwwwwwww, Marky! Your poor low self esteem. Awwww, do you need a huggles. Marky Mark!
Renee: Ahaha! Jae, I love you.
Jae: Aw, Renee, I love Mark--I mean, you, too!
Wren: I think Mark must've had a little something else on his mind, A-WINK, if you know what I'm sayin'. The obligatory "hiding-the-crotch-in-every-picture" is telling. AAAAAA-WINK!! Wink!
Kyrie: Wrentona, you realize you said 'wink' aloud, right?
Wren: I did? Ooops.
Kyrie: Anyway. Bad Mark. Baaaad. You really need to step it up, or you'll get eliminated..!

Mark, who was now standing alone in the middle of the runway because Jae had returned to her judgely position, began to pout in the most cheesy, corny way he could muster. "You.. you.. you don't like me?!" His wails were obviously meant for fun, but despite that, his acting wasn't bad at all. "That's it! I don't even wanna be Candybar's Next Top Model anymore! I quit!" He stomped, and then started running out the door, yelling "waaaaaah!" the entire time.

The girls laughed, obvoulsy getting that it was all a joke.

"Okay, girls. Now we'll--"


"Deliberate and decide who's going home."


Kyrie: Alright, you know the drill. It's time to deliberate and decide who is going home.
Wren: Talk about a bust on the samba dancing.
Renee: You said it Wren. The dancer in me is shamed.
Wren: There's no movement, no interaction with Mark! What were they thinking!
Kyrie: Yeah, I completely agree with you. I believe in Zephyr's photo he had a drum between his legs.. Which is okay, but no one else even thought to involve him in the picture, to put their bodies close and together, accentuating the fun and sexiness of this photoshoot. It's a little bit depressing, actually, that none of them took interaction to the next level.
Antona: Yeah. And not only that but we also have a girl who showed up late, and another who didn't show up at all.. And now we have to judge Ava based on the Four P's.
Kyrie: The Quad P's! Yes! What do you think?
Renee: Personally, looking back on Ava, her portfolio is the weakest..
Jae: I agree, it's not as strong as say.. Max-B's, or CJ's, but at the same time, take a look at her growth. From the beginning of the cycle, where we were going to send her home on week two, to now, she's grown amazingly! Tons and tons of growth, definition the most improved.
Antona: I agree that she's grown but I still don't like how fickle she is.. Missing a photoshoot? Who does that?!
Kyrie: I agree with Antona. I feel like she's grown, yes, but there's never been a time where I didn't feel like we could get MORE from Ava, with the exception of her beauty shot, which was fabulous. I've gotten moments like that from CJ, from Leona, from Holly and from Max-B.. But never Ava. Or Zephyr, for that matter. Let's talk about Zephyr.
Wren: OH MY GOD.
Kyrie: What?
Wren: I forgot ALL ABOUT Zephyr.
Jae: Yeesh.. That's not good.
Wren: I know.
Jae: But I agree with you. She's just not improving fast enough to keep up with some of the other girls.
Renee: You're right. But I feel like Ava's portfolio is even weaker.
Kyrie: How about CJ? Anyone else feel like she's hit a major plateau?
Jae: Definitely!
Antona: Yes, I agree. CJ was soaring to the top at the beginning of the cycle but ever since the 'Abused Intern' shoot everything's been going.. All wrong.
Renee: It's the same with Holly, don't you think?
Kyrie: Holly's resting. I think she knows she's fabulous, and knows that she's a model, but doesn't try nearly hard enough. I really just want her to blow me away.. But we've been waiting so long for that. I'm almost out of patience. So.. Who should go home?
(All of the judges point to their chosen eliminee's picture.)
Kyrie: Alright, we've made our decision.


"Six beautiful girls stand before me, but I only have five photos in my hand. These photos represent the girls who are still in the running towards becoming Candybar's Next Top Model."

Max-B: We feel like you're falling from on high. While you produced a good photograph, it's been a while since you've blown us away. Don't plateau, or you could find yourself going home next week. Congratulations, Max-B, you're still in the running towards becoming Candybar's Next Top Model.
Holly: Yet another plateau. You've amazed us once or twice, Holly, but we're always asking a little more of you, and we feel like you have yet to really push through and make us proud. We'd really like to see that amazing model that we saw rocking the Wal-Mart vest again. I hope she's still inside you, because we miss her! Congratulations, Holly.
Leona: You were late, late, late late late. But despite that, your picture wasn't too bad. Just remember to keep all of the lessons we've taught you over the cycle in mind, and, for the love of all that is good, Leona, please, please show up on time! You're still in the running.
CJ: You've fallen so far, CJ. We look at you now, and we ask.. Where is that girl from week two? Who showed us so much potential in a single photograph? You've failed to really impress us in so long that.. We don't know who you are anymore. Please, please, please bring that girl back. We liked her! Congratulations.

"Will Ava and Zephyr please step forward?"

"I only have one photo left in my hands. This photo represents the girl who is still in the running towards becoming Candybar's Next Top Model. I will only call one name. The girl whose name I do not call must immediately return to the house, pack her belongings, and go home, back to America, and away from beautiful Brazil."

"Zephyr, I'll start with you. You were here last week, and it was actually a similar problem. We feel like you haven't really grown at all since the competition really started moving. All these girls behind you may have plateaued, but they were more experienced than you in the beginning. We don't know if you just can't do any more, or if you thought that maybe if they were plateaued you could take a break, but.. You can't. Your photo this week was one of the better ones, yes.. But looking at your overall portfolio, the growth is there, but it's not enough. Not only that, but one of the judges behind me forgot all about you when they were listing their call-out order, and that's obviously not a good thing."

"Then we have you, Ava, the girl who didn't even show up for the shoot this week. It really makes us question your commitment to the business, and to this competition. We've seen some truly stunning growth in you, but by not even showing up, you may have just made all of that fade into the background. We looked over your Quad P's, and while you've had a lot of growth, a few of the judges.. Think you're still the weakest model in the bunch."

"This was a hard decision for us to make, because the two of you are both so good, but at the same time, there are so many little things that add up for reasons to eliminate you. So who goes home? The girl who has grown a lot, but is still weaker than the others and may lack commitment, or the girl who took leaps and bounds ahead of the competition but hasn't grown in so long that we wonder if she's just given up on improving, and is even being forgotten by the judges?"


"Ava, we understand if you have a sickness or prior commitments, but when you entered this competition, you signed a contract saying that you would be here. Missing a photoshoot is not an option! Still, your body of work, we found, shows such radical improvement, and we'd like to see if you can grow even more. It's not over for you yet, but, I don't think the judges behind me would forgive you one more misstep."

"Thanks, Zephyr."


And there it is! Elimination 6!

As usual, it was hard to let one of our lovelies go, but, maybe we'll get to see you next cycle with a brand new model, ready and raring to go? ^^ I hope so! Also, because of the fact that the elimination post is in-character: a lot of our decision had to do with your editing--both this week and last week, your outfits have been very.. Flat when it came to editing. We stress this a lot, but--you've got to use a LOT of colors if you're not going to block-shade like eLouai does. (Because of the way the original clothes are shaded, it only takes 3 or 4 colors in order to look right.) You also need to be careful with the body and the way you place it. It's something we've struggled with with you for a while, but even after we said something that was no improvement. Please, by all means, continue to practice. That way, you can blow us away if you decide to apply again!

Anyway, keep thinking about that clue we gave you for the next photoshoot, and keep a look-out, because the new challenge will be going up in a bit!
16th-May-2008 10:53 pm (UTC)
If you look next to Mark in my picture, that, um, black blob next to him? Was supposed to be a guitar. So, you know, he was the musician and I was the dancer and we were like... taking a break between sets. I DON'T KNOW.

(Just to let you know ahead of time, I'm probably going to need an extention/skip for the next challenge. My beloved imac has a broken screen right now, and I have no idea when we're planning on getting it fixed. Currently I'm on a laptop that doesn't have Photoshop, which is my weapon of choice, so, you know... We'll see what happens, I guess.)
16th-May-2008 11:22 pm (UTC)
LOL! Love it... we totally rock!

Wrentona Mitchberry... love it! lol
17th-May-2008 12:32 am (UTC)
I feel we judges are all melting into each other!
Soon it will be Wrentonrieneejae Platypus.
Why Platypus? Because it's easier to write than Mitchberryelysmendymytch.

17th-May-2008 12:34 am (UTC)
I think Wrentonrieneejae Mitchberryelysmendymytch is an INCREDIBLE name, personally.
17th-May-2008 12:37 am (UTC)
I think it sounds like a swear-word.
17th-May-2008 03:03 am (UTC)
Thanks for the chance :)Good luck to all
17th-May-2008 10:31 am (UTC)
Ava stood and quietly cried as her and Zephyr stepped forward. Holding her fellow contestant's hand, she gave a sigh as she was told that there was speculation of her still being the weakest in the bunch.

As her name got called, her jaw literally hit the floor. Taking her photo from Kyrie she couldn't believe her luck.
"Thank you, so much. I promise I won't let you down,"

Turning to Zephyr she gave her a tight hug; "I'm sorry Zephyr, please take care,"
17th-May-2008 08:25 pm (UTC)
Nice work, girls! :)
Um...there's one thing I don't understand, namely Jae's outfit. I mean, did she change during the elimination or something? XD
17th-May-2008 10:01 pm (UTC)
... xD

Oh, didn't you know? Jae's a Magical Girl.
18th-May-2008 01:24 am (UTC)
Well, you see, I love clothing, so I have my assistants carry around one of those foldy walls and I change every thirty seconds.
18th-May-2008 09:05 am (UTC)
Oh, I see now. Fair enough. XD
18th-May-2008 02:09 pm (UTC)
Why aren't you sweeping me off in a wonderfully romantic gesture?!
18th-May-2008 09:08 pm (UTC) - Watching and waiting.
I'm seriously watching this community. You're all awesome at editing and stuff. I can't wait for the next cycle, I'm definitely going to have to sign up even if I'm not very good at this stuff.
19th-May-2008 02:47 am (UTC) - Re: Watching and waiting.
Yay, welcome! Please do join us next cycle! We're always looking for more participants, and you don't really need to be a great editor to begin with, you can learn it along the way :)

just remember our key editing rule... no pillow shading! when you're shading, use at least 8 colors so you have shadows AND highlights :)
19th-May-2008 02:55 am (UTC) - Re: Watching and waiting.
Thanks. I like getting tips on this stuff. I've been using candybar/dollmakers for a long time but have never really edited anything. I have made a doll before and done a little pillow shading which sucked. I'm on a really old iBook so I use Gimp.

This is about the extent of doll editing I've done. Photobucket It was originally this. Photobucket

I've always been a bit more of an icon and wallpaper maker... Sorry, I started rambling a bit.
20th-May-2008 02:51 pm (UTC) - Re: Watching and waiting.
Yay a fan!!!!
Thanks for watching and being interested, I'd definitely like to see you apply for the next cycle.
19th-May-2008 05:09 pm (UTC)
Congrats to all the ladies!...and our apologies for taking so long.
Thank you Zephyr, I know i'm gonna miss the gorgeous model with the long black flowy hair.

Remember ladies, the quickness of this competition really relies on you, get your photoshoots in on time...and if all else fails, its ok to submit a doll with minimal editing, as long as we get something!
K, thanks.

19th-May-2008 11:58 pm (UTC)
Thanks a lot Renee!! *hugs* I'll miss you too, I'll miss everyone! But I'll keep watching the competition :9 if you ever need a guest judge I'll be thrilled to do it :)!
29th-May-2008 10:48 pm (UTC)
Thank you guys...and I am absolutely sorry about the delay.

I am glad that things haven't quickly started because my computer's processor burned the same day I got it back. Good thing I did that quick photo and signed up for the SATs.

But I won't be getting it back within 1-2 weeks. Hopefully in a week. This is just a beforehand note that may cause me to need some extensions. But hopefully not! (:
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