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Who Will Blossom?
... Into Candybar's Next Top Model?
I hope you guys had a good break over Memorial Day Weekend, because… 
28th-May-2008 05:28 pm
CB2J: Kyrie
I hope you guys had a good break over Memorial Day Weekend, because now it's time to get right back into the game with your next challenge. Are you ready?

Sometimes, models are asked to be corespondants for television at events, parties, and the like. As such, it's a good idea to be able to form a good question and hold a conversation. A great interview is always one where you try your best to get juicy details--whether they're privy or not, at least you tried--or a soundbite out of your guest. While sometimes models aren't necessarily known for their brains as much as their beauty, they have to be able to hold their own on a red carpet swarmed with paparazzi and journalists. That's why, this week, for your challenges, you ladies will be doing..


So, who, you might ask, are you interviewing? Why, your lovely judges, of course!

That's right. Each of you will have to come up with two original questions to ask each judge individually--a total of 10 questions. This will tie directly into your photoshoot--whatever it may be--and you should try to draw as much information out of the judges as possible within the confines of two questions. That doesn't mean, however, that you can have a six-parter question! You may only have one two-parter question, so use it wisely! The judges will also be answering three pre-set comprehensive questions.

Here are some tips for good interviewing:

o Open-ended questions will get you more information. Asking questions that can be answered with a simple 'yes' or 'no' will probably be answered as thus. Instead of starting with "Do you like..", instead ask, "What do you like about.." or "How do you feel about.." This will force them to answer in a way that's more descriptive, whether it be a negative or positive response.
o Don't be too familiar with the people you're interviewing. If you seem to know each other or know all about one another, the person you're interviewing may be less descriptive because they don't feel like they have to explain anything, because you know each other well.
o When you can't do a conversational interview where you pass the mic back and forth, always go for a soundbite. A soundbite is a small piece of a longer interview chosen to be the most important point of the interview. You want the point of your questions to hit strongly. Whether it's graceful or bitey, you'll have interview gold. (Just make sure to keep it ethical--misusing someone's words is the number one route to journalistic disaster!)
o Be friendly, be nice, and always keep the focus on your guest. Even if they ask you a question, turn it back around to them.

The winner of this challenge will be the girl whose questions the judges feel are the best--the one that draws the most information out of the interviewees, as well as the most creative and comprehensive questions. The winner will recieve a special prize that will help them greatly for the next photoshoot. This is the challenge to win, ladies!

Remember: you must formulate two questions to ask each of the judges, a total of 10 questions. (And don't worry, it doesn't have to be about fashion. Heard any gossip recently? Feel like asking about something about their home lives? Go right ahead! That's what great interviews are made of!)

This challenge is due Sunday, June 8, before midnight, EST.
No extensions this time around. It's a simple challenge--all you have to do is make up 10 questions. (If you feel like re-using the same questions on each judge, you can, but you won't win any challenges that way, will you?)
28th-May-2008 09:37 pm (UTC) - PRE-SET QUESTIONS
Judges, please answer these questions in a reply to this comment:

1. Describe your career in detail, including your job responsibilities.

2. What would you say is your style signature?

3. What is your favorite or go-to outfit?
28th-May-2008 10:08 pm (UTC) - HI! I'm Jae Marina Mytchell
My business card (after some fancy squiggleythingies) says Jae Mytchell - co-founder, head of marketing, chutes and ladders extraordinaire. Then it says Au Naturel cosmetics over the naughty bits of a nekkid lady. Haha nekkid. It's my job to design cards like that and decide what I like and what I don't like. I get to make all the calls on what gets sent out, and I get to play with all of the products if I want to, and I don't have to do any real work. It's pretty rad. I also get to go to parties and promote the poop out of the new stuff. Also I'm the one that hires models, hires directors, hires photographers and nods to the labels for almost all of our cosmetics.
I do crazy quirky things because I love having fun. I like color and flair and pretty big things. Most of my lowcut things don't seem lowcut cuz I'm VERY flat, like a pancake, or one of those new phone thingies that you can cut yourself on. If somebody has to make a fool of themselves, I always step up to the plate with a grin on my face, and lately I've been adorning myself in some beads. They make me think of Maudi Gras. Which is fun.
Ooooh, I'd have to say something crazy and wild! Bright colors! Raver almost! When I go out I love putting on the Ritz, and by the Ritz, I mean the OBNOXIOUS colors and the fruffy clothing. In the past I've been known to wear everything from Flavor Jae outfits (Halloween 2007!) To a TURKEY dress like Bjork's (Thanksgiving 2006)! So the ideal outfit would be: black thigh high boots, pink hot pants, big silk ruffly top with giant Elizabethan collar! Ooooh, that's actually really hot sounding. I'm young(ish) I can get away with it.
28th-May-2008 10:30 pm (UTC) - Re: PRE-SET QUESTIONS
1. Well, I am the founder and CEO of Carmendy Models, Inc., which we started as a child modeling agency for high-end department stores and commericial modeling, but have slowly moved up the ladder and are now focusing more on high-fashion up scale modeling, to include the lovely Wren Berry. My average day consists of me chugging down about 2 cups of coffee, looking at portfolios for new models, matching up models to our clients, meeting with clients, showing them our choices, putting together scnerios of what works with this model and what would work with this model etc., finalizing the deal/contract, networking, crunching the numbers, oh and of course...signing a gazillion papers a day. But I of course dont do most of the leg work, I have a wonderful staff that helps me out tremendously! Oh and traveling, did I mention traveling?? Carmendy Models, Inc. has about 4 other sister modeling agencies around the world, and whenever we have new talent, either I go scoop them out or have an assitant go. We have offices in India, Japan, Germany, Brazil, and soon to come...Australia. I'm still working on opening my dance studio, but have been so busy with the business lately, that that has taken a hault. I pretty much work 24-7, 7 days a week. I rarely eat meals alone, because they're pretty much all business meetings. I've met alot of great people along the way, and I LOVE what I do, would not trade it in for the world!

2. Since I'm always on the clock, I would say my signature style would be "Business Spunky", business atire with an edge. Bold colors, classic prints, the perfect accessories....and most importantly cohesiveness. You wont get ahead in life if you're outfits dont make you look like you mean business! But its also good to remember to have fun with your outfits, and show a bit of yourself in each and every outfit you put together. I try not to look too clean-cut and classic, thats boring, which is why its always good to have one awesome piece of FLAIR in your outfit, a conversational piece, to get people wanting to know exactly where you got it!

3. My favorite go to out-fit would have to be a pair of fitted black pants, a red fitted top, some kind of funky jacket over and some killer pumps! To really make a statement I love wearing my leapord print pumps! I think they look classy chic when worn with a put together outfit!
28th-May-2008 10:46 pm (UTC) - Re: PRE-SET QUESTIONS
1. I'm a fashion photographer. I actually started out doing things that were more artsy, and for a while I worked as a journalism photographer, but I graduated up to fashion as a hobby. It was kind of a fluke that I ended up shooting Tina Valen for En. One of our shots ended up being voted one of the best fashion shots of the year, and ever since, she's been a very famous model, and I've been living the dream as a fashion photographer. The job is fairly simple--I got tired of the point-and-click, so I also dabble in set and art design. I like to control the artistic direction of the shoot and really connect with the models I'm shooting. Although lately I've been slowing down on the photography and focusing a lot more on Candybar's Next Top Model, which Tina left in our hands when her acting career skyrocketed. I do exactly what you'd expect a fashion photographer to do--take beautiful pictures of beautiful people wearing beautiful clothes in beautiful locales, beautifully.

2. My style signature.. Well, to be honest, since I'm not used to be in front of the camera, I've always been a little bit heavily than the other ladies on the panel. A lot of my outfits, especially when I used to sit beside Tina, whose body was flawless, I wore a lot of clothing with cynched waists and even a corset once. I guess it kind of stuck, because I still wear the same kinds of clothing. Mostly, I like to be comfortable, but trendy. Other than the cynched waists and belts, I guess my signature is my glasses.. And my abuse of hair pieces. I can't help it! They're just so much fun. Long hair one day, short hair the next, curly one day, stick straight the next. My real hair is about shoulder length.

3. My go-to outfit is definitely jeans. I love peep-toe heels, but if I want to be comfortable, I'll slip on a pair of colored flats. I always try to stay trendy and current, even if I'm just hanging out with friends or something. When I'm on set, too, I try to stay fashionable, as well as comfortable, seeing as photography is a more physical job than you'd imagine. Even if I'm just wearing a t-shirt, I'd like to jazz it up a bit with accessories. One of my most recent favorite outfits was actually what I wore when I guest judged FDL Models. The gladiator sandals, the dress, and the long-sleeved t-shirt were all super comfortable but made a great, fresh statement.
29th-May-2008 12:03 am (UTC)
1. I am the youngest fashion editor-in-chief for En Magazine, THE top fashion magazine in the world. My responsibilities include picking the outfits we're going to feature in the magazine, doing some photostyling, and helping to set up the shots we want of the clothes, hiring and coordinating models so they look their best in each outfit, writing the copy about what each garment is, the feeling behind it, and where you can get it for yourself. I work with the other editors-in-chief (beauty, health/fitness, etc.) along with the top editor-in-chief to put the magazine together each month, so that everything looks cohesive within the magazine, and looks like it's the same magazine from month to month.
Outside of work, I have a husband, Patrick Mitchell, who is the advertising director for the company that owns En, so he works with all the magazines in that family of publications to get the advertising in. We also have a daughter, Ella, who is 2 years old, so a lot of the time spent out of work is taking care of her, and having lots of fun! :)

2. My signature style is professional yet trendy and fun at the same time. I love stripes, and wear them whenever I can, even if it's just in a small detail like a striped bangle, or other striped accessories. I am also very picky about what shoes I wear, so when I find a pair I like, I buy them in every color I can, so they match every outfit. My current favorite pair are peep-toe high heels that can literally be worn with anything and they still look amazing, not matter the situation. I also dress in colors that are complimentary to whatever my hair color is at the time, when I had strawberry blonde hair, I dressed in a lot of red, now that I have red hair, purple is my color, my signature color changes every time I change my hair color. And I always love black and white stripes, too.

3. My go-to outfit would be a cute blazer jacket and skirt in a neutral color accented with my signature color at the time, with my favorite shoes, and some striped accessories, this would be for on the job of course, for relaxing at home with my daughter, I love sundresses.
29th-May-2008 01:09 am (UTC) - Re: PRE-SET QUESTIONS
1. Well, I am very new to the industry thanks to CBTM. Only a couple of years ago, I was in your shoes, ladies! So I know exactly what its like to go through what you're going through right now. Since I've "graduated" from the school of CBTM, I've joined the impressive ranks of Carmendy Models Inc, modeling for the high-fashion side of the company (which is always expanding ever so gracefully!). My days consist of going on go-sees with the many clients of Carmendy, strutting my stuff, editorial shoots, runway for all sorts of haute couture designs, and tons and tons of traveling to all corners of the world. The most important thing I do is make our clients' designs look spectacular. That is the main role of a model!

2. My style signature tends to hit home with teens. I guess because I'm so new, I'm still considered "the baby" as you've probably noticed this cycle. But I totally agree with that role! I like to wear young, flirty, fresh designs. I love mild, bright and earthy colours and Indie-inspired styles. Also, you probably won't be too surprised if I'm holding a cup of tea every time you see me.

3. I love my brown boot-cut slim trousers and striped shirts! Simple and comfortable and a teensy bit quirky :)
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