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Who Will Blossom?
... Into Candybar's Next Top Model?
I hope you guys had a good break over Memorial Day Weekend, because… 
28th-May-2008 05:28 pm
CB2J: Kyrie
I hope you guys had a good break over Memorial Day Weekend, because now it's time to get right back into the game with your next challenge. Are you ready?

Sometimes, models are asked to be corespondants for television at events, parties, and the like. As such, it's a good idea to be able to form a good question and hold a conversation. A great interview is always one where you try your best to get juicy details--whether they're privy or not, at least you tried--or a soundbite out of your guest. While sometimes models aren't necessarily known for their brains as much as their beauty, they have to be able to hold their own on a red carpet swarmed with paparazzi and journalists. That's why, this week, for your challenges, you ladies will be doing..


So, who, you might ask, are you interviewing? Why, your lovely judges, of course!

That's right. Each of you will have to come up with two original questions to ask each judge individually--a total of 10 questions. This will tie directly into your photoshoot--whatever it may be--and you should try to draw as much information out of the judges as possible within the confines of two questions. That doesn't mean, however, that you can have a six-parter question! You may only have one two-parter question, so use it wisely! The judges will also be answering three pre-set comprehensive questions.

Here are some tips for good interviewing:

o Open-ended questions will get you more information. Asking questions that can be answered with a simple 'yes' or 'no' will probably be answered as thus. Instead of starting with "Do you like..", instead ask, "What do you like about.." or "How do you feel about.." This will force them to answer in a way that's more descriptive, whether it be a negative or positive response.
o Don't be too familiar with the people you're interviewing. If you seem to know each other or know all about one another, the person you're interviewing may be less descriptive because they don't feel like they have to explain anything, because you know each other well.
o When you can't do a conversational interview where you pass the mic back and forth, always go for a soundbite. A soundbite is a small piece of a longer interview chosen to be the most important point of the interview. You want the point of your questions to hit strongly. Whether it's graceful or bitey, you'll have interview gold. (Just make sure to keep it ethical--misusing someone's words is the number one route to journalistic disaster!)
o Be friendly, be nice, and always keep the focus on your guest. Even if they ask you a question, turn it back around to them.

The winner of this challenge will be the girl whose questions the judges feel are the best--the one that draws the most information out of the interviewees, as well as the most creative and comprehensive questions. The winner will recieve a special prize that will help them greatly for the next photoshoot. This is the challenge to win, ladies!

Remember: you must formulate two questions to ask each of the judges, a total of 10 questions. (And don't worry, it doesn't have to be about fashion. Heard any gossip recently? Feel like asking about something about their home lives? Go right ahead! That's what great interviews are made of!)

This challenge is due Sunday, June 8, before midnight, EST.
No extensions this time around. It's a simple challenge--all you have to do is make up 10 questions. (If you feel like re-using the same questions on each judge, you can, but you won't win any challenges that way, will you?)
31st-May-2008 09:11 pm (UTC)
1. Let’s say you’re stranded on a deserted island. You only have the clothes on your back and three Au Naturel products. What would those products be?

Ooooh! Desert island scenerio! Like is this Guam style island? A world of fun and frolicky goodness!? Well, everybody knows that deserts are dry. I learned that in like...kindergarten. So I'd need a moisturizer/sunblock now wouldn't I? I'd bring AuraAquaTM, my new line of weightless moisturizer with an SPF of 60! Keep my skin all soft and purty for when they find me dead. I'd probably also bring along KissinWorthyTM in pomegranate! Not only would my lips stay supple and kissable, for the sexy island natives, but they'd have that purty feminine tint and yummy smell! My third item would be completely irrelevant to the situation. In my bucket of tricks I always keep a large supply of Eh! Hair Mousse and stylerTM. It adds volume and lift without sacrificing ability to style! Promote promote promote!!

2. One of the many things that attracts people to CBNTM are your crazy antics, such as “I wonder what Jae’s going to do next episode!” Just how wacky are you off-camera? Any different than at the judging table?

If you've ever seen me around town or in the tabloids, you know my kooky hijinks are not confined to behind that mahogany table. In fact, I'd describe my demeanor during judging to be...mellow! Haha! I am known for getting myself into sticky situations and having Magnolia bail me out. I am the Shaggy and Scooby to her Velma. Yesterday I was only talking in haikus and the day before I was pretending like I was in a MMORPG in real life. Slash giggle maniacally.
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