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Who Will Blossom?

... Into Candybar's Next Top Model?

Candybars Next Top Model Competition!
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Welcome to Candybarmodels!
Welcome to Candybarmodels! A Top Model simulation community in Candybar Doll Maker Style. In this competition 13 models will be put through the ringer, going through weekly challenges and photoshoots, judged not only on fashion sense, but overall artistic direction, grasp of the theme for the week, editing ability and creativity. Each week, one girl will be sent home. The last model standing is Candybar's Next Top Model!
Before joining it is imperative that you review the Community Rules.
1. No OOC drama! Let’s keep it fun here! If your doll is eliminated, please keep it civil; making a scene won't get you anywhere except banned from future cycles.
2. Each person may submit one doll/application per cycle. If your doll gets cut, you're out until the next cycle. If you submit more than one doll under separate aliases all dolls will be eliminated, no questions asked and the dolls' maintainer will be banned from participating in future cycles.
3. Stick to the deadlines! This includes judges! We don't want a dead community here. If you need an extension, please ask 24 hours or more before the deadline. Anyone who breaks this rule will be eliminated.
4. Dolls' face shapes, nose and eyes must remain the same throughout the cycle. (Eyes can be edited, but the overall shape must remain the same.)
5. Members may comment on the shoots (keep it constructive criticism, please), but judges' opinions will be the only ones taken into account during elimination.
6. Character interaction posts and roleplaying are encouraged, but for the sake of organization, they are only to be posted in the roleplay community: casadecandybar
7. If a judge is late (without an extension), then the other judges will go on without him/her. On some occasions a guest judge will take an absent judge's place.
Each application should consist of 2 pictures of your character, one made solely in the dollmaker (unless you are entering a character with an altered skin color, but then only the skin may be altered) and one edited (please label the edits) as well as the application round photoshoot assignment.

Along with the pictures of your character, kindly fill out this form:


Kyrie Elyson
Judge Kyrie ElysonKyrie Elyson, fashion photographer extraordinaire, got her start in photography early in life, and from there, studied under some of the most prominent fashion photographers in the world. Her big break came in 'En Magazine', of a photo taken of Tina Valen that sent both their careers skyrocketing. Working closely with several designers, she has her own clothing line in the making, and is currently the host of Candybar's Next Top Model, taking over where her long-time friend Tina left off.
Played By: kyriesanctus

Jae Mytchell
Judge Jae MytchellComing from a hippie background, Jae is an expert on natural and earth-friendly sources of fashion. After a hugely successful project in high school working around the fact that Jae was allergic to most commercial makeups, she and her friends developed a secret recipe for foundation that became the foundation of a flourishing career. As the head of advertising and founder of Au Naturel cosmetics, Jae brings to the judging table a wisdom of commercial marketing none of the other judges can match.
Played By: rosaelena258

Renee Carmendy
Judge Renee CarmendyA former child model and performer, Renee Carmendy has been scouting children for small acting roles and fashion opportunities, including runway for children's clothing and television commercials. An avid dancer, she also spends time traveling around the world (mostly for her job) teaching and practicing dance to younger students. Last cycle, Renee opened up one of her lifelong dreams, Carmendy Models, and has already signed a few big names, including the winner of the first cycle of Candybar's Next Top Model!
Played By: l_e_phanty

Antona Mitchell
Judge Antona MitchellAntona Mitchell is a prominent fashion editor for 'En Magazine', the biggest name in high fashion magazines. She is in charge of assigning fashion related stories to the fashion reporters, working with models, and organizing photoshoots and fashion spreads in her magazine. She's been married for 3 years to a wonderful man, and is the mother of a 1 year old daughter.
Played By: neonkittens143

Wren Berry
Judge Wren BerryAfter placing fourth in the first Candybar's Next Top Model competition, Wren, one of the cycle's most beloved and well-remembered models, went on to sign with Carmendy Models Inc. Since then, she's done a short tour of the high fashion circuits and has found herself back at home in a Candybar competition. The difference is, this time--she's on the other side of the judging table! (And loving it, by the way.)
Played By: feebsicle

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