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Who Will Blossom?
... Into Candybar's Next Top Model?
Recent Entries 
11th-Apr-2010 04:36 am - HEY CHECK OUT THE FINALE! Part one.

And only with a half of the quality. :)
(That is to say, this is gonna totally be Jae's voiceover of the episode, so y'know, craziness and sleep deprivation aside, it's not gonna be put together well, but I wanted to give you something to nom on. When I get some numbers/votes I'll put up the second half, the one that you guys actually care about.)

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22nd-Apr-2009 04:40 pm - Photoshoot 8.5
First half down, and one more photoshoot to go in the grand finale of Candybar's Next Top Model!

Photoshoot 8.5Collapse )
7th-Apr-2009 09:11 pm(no subject)
We're gonna go ahead and jump into our final challenge! However, this is not a quite a challenge, but the first half of your photoshoot. We will test you on your commercial intelligence and your high fashion intelligence in the culmination of this cycle.

Photoshoot 8Collapse )
6th-Apr-2009 01:59 pm - Elimination 7
The judges apologize for the tardiness of this ceremony, thank you for staying with us through our hiatus.

The Final 3Collapse )
14th-Feb-2009 02:30 pm - A message from Project Candybar
Wren normal judge
Hello girls! This isn't an update on CBTM (so sorry it has been on kind of a stand-still for so long...). While you are waiting for this cycle to end, why not pop on over to one of our sister-cycles? Project Candybar needs a few more applicants! Here are the details:

“Who will become the next Candybar fashion designer?”

Based on the Bravo's hit reality show Project Runway, Project Candybar Competition seeks to discover a new designer with potential to change the world of fashion tomorrow. The panel of fashion experts serve as a mentor to the designers as they take on fashion challenges. They will also decide who is “in" and who is “out”. With every challenge, the Project Candybar contestants will be trimmed down to the finalists who will exhibit their collection at in front of an audience of fashion industry movers and shakers at Candybar Fashion Week.

+ Applications +
+ Project Candybar Profile +
+ Rules // Guidelines + F.A.Q.s?! // Procedures +
12th-Dec-2008 11:46 pm(no subject)
CB2J: Kyrie
Alright, look.

First of all, an apology--yes, it's taken forever and a day for any of us to get anything done. No elimination thread has been put up yet, I'm not even sure we've decided on a Final Two, and we've been doing nothing for.. Months-ish. I've tried to get this thing off the ground again, but we keep running out of steam halfway out of the finish line. I cannot say this hasn't been in large part to me, but, of course, like most group efforts, everyone has had their fair share of failing out.

You guys remember how when people drop out we look for a reason why and try to understand? It's the same thing here. We judges have lives, unfortunate as all that may be. Elimination posts, judging? It's all very time consuming. We try our best to be as speedy as possible, but honestly, that happened quickly because I was out of work, and had nothing better to do with my time. The difference now is that all of the judges have work and school, and we've all had circumstances that have prevented us from giving this competition all of our time. For instance, my father's recent heart attack, medical problems others might have had.. Just. Lives.

We've been endlessly understanding of you and your problems, offering you extensions, skips, being understanding when you drop out of the competition for non-frivilous reasons, extending welcomes to you to come back next cycle even though you failed us during the current or previous ones? I would ask that you do us the same respect. You have to understand how this, our baby, our child, has ended up disappointing us with drop-outs and disappearances, bad attitudes and just.. an overall lack of respect. It's depressing. I've felt like I've been treated like someone who is getting paid for this--and guys? I love doing this, but I'm not getting paid for it. I can't support myself on Candybar's Next Top Model. I do this out of my freetime. It's the same with all of the other judges. Please, try to understand this.

As for right now, I think the judging is half over. I'm not entirely sure. If you would give me until after the 17th, I will try my best to get it up to you before Christmas. After that, the Final Two. Then, a hopefully, a revolution on the Candybar Format--no more 10 hours long judging sessions, for instance. It's too much on one person. It's too much on five people.

If you can be patient, we can fix this.
-The Judges.
27th-Sep-2008 01:52 am - Update and Contest
CB2J: Kyrie
Let me give you guys a run-down of what's going on right now:

As of right now we're still in the midst of judging your entries. I still need a few more critiques on everyone, and then I can plug them into the Elimination Post and get it up to you guys. Final Three! It's down to the wire. Anyway, that's where we stand as of right now. I'm so sorry for the delays, but sometimes there's just nothing I can do about them. However, I've been trying to get this thing kickstarted back up the way it was Cycle 1, but believe me, it's not as easy as it looks!

Now for another point. Cycle 3 is coming up (yes, we are returning for another cycle! Don't count us out just yet!) and we're looking to you guys for some help! We're creative geniuses, of course, but we want to know what you guys, the public think!

So for starters, why don't you guys start pitching us some themes for:
-The Cycle. (Like of like last cycle's "Who is the Diamond in the Rough?"/Bellydancers/Bangalore/Middle East-Ease Asia theme and this cycle's "Who will blossom into Candybar's Next Top Model?"/flowers/Brazil/floral theme.) You will need to pitch me both a slogan general theme behind it. (Like the 'blossom' and 'flowers' thing. Get it?)
-Photoshoots. (Ideas for upcoming photoshoots.)

Out of the suggestions for the photoshoots, one of them will be chosen as an official photoshoot for the next cycle. As for the themes, all of the suggestions will be added to the list of ideas the judges already have in mind. If yours is chosen, you'll get to see your theme come to life in the layout, the slogan, the second photoshoot (we're moving it to AFTER the makeovers this cycle!) and of course the overseas destination.

Start sending in your material! Who knows, maybe you'll win?
22nd-Aug-2008 01:43 am(no subject)
CB2J: Kyrie
So sorry about the delay. A lot of things have happened.

Because someone has dropped out, that means we're at the Final Three! The judges and I have decided that last week's photoshoot paying homage to the judges will be double-judged with this upcoming photoshoot. Person eliminated will be based upon both photos, not just the newest one. (Kind of like the week we did the headshots!)

Okay. Let's get this ball rolling.. Again.

See your next photoshoot inside!Collapse )
29th-Jun-2008 10:44 pm - Photoshoot 7
CB2J: Kyrie
Okay, sorry about the delay. My computer has been kaput for about a month, and it's just so hard to make lengthy judge posts on other people's computers! Also, next week, at least three of the judges will be going on vacation--some may already be gone--so we'll be using this time to let you guys work on your photoshoots. Of course, you probably want to know who won the challenge, don't you? Well!

The results and your photoshoot are inside.Collapse )
28th-May-2008 05:28 pm(no subject)
CB2J: Kyrie
I hope you guys had a good break over Memorial Day Weekend, because now it's time to get right back into the game with your next challenge. Are you ready?

It's time for your next challenge!Collapse )
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