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Who Will Blossom?
... Into Candybar's Next Top Model?
Elimination 7 
6th-Apr-2009 01:59 pm
The judges apologize for the tardiness of this ceremony, thank you for staying with us through our hiatus.

The final three girls step anxiously into the judging room. It seemed like so much had happened since they last stood before these desks. Two of their fellows had already had to be taken out of the competition for various reasons and the last three were nervous with the impending ending of the competition. There was a challenge where the girls got to know the judges before them followed by a photoshoot where they were to impersonate them. Due to a drastic change in the number of girls, the remaining ladies were asked to show off their Brazilian Babe side. The girls tonight would not only be evaluated on their imitations but also on their swimsuit shoots.

The judges look solemn before the girls. Kyrie stands and looks across the faces of the talented young women. "Unfortunately CJ and Ava are unable to continue for reasons that may or may not be attributed to the "Lemur" incident so we have quickly progressed to our final three." She gives them a warm smile. "That leads us quickly to you, our final three. We’d like to welcome you to the Judging Room that we love so well and that we will be sad to leave in just a few short weeks. Our elimination this week will lead us to the finalists of this cycle of Candybar Next Top Model! But first, let us remind you of your beloved judges whom you impersonated this week!"

"First we have Miss Antona Mitchell, fashion editor of En Magazine, the Fashionista's Best Friend and Bible and devoted mother as you learned this week. How’s your little girl, Ella?"
"Hopefully right now she’s sleeping," Antona chuckles. "It’s past her bedtime."
"Well I hope that Patrick got her to bed then. Next we have is Jae Mytchell, the CEO, co-founder and inventor of Au Naturel cosmetics. Hopefully she’s been keeping out of trouble." Jae smirks mischievously. "Third we have Renee Carmendy of Carmendy Models Inc, one of your three ladies’ soon to be employer. This is an example of a child star growing up right and becoming one of the most powerful agent with plenty of people to see and places to go! Making sure you’re taking a breath, Renee?"

"Always!" Renee beams to the host.

"Wonderful! The beautiful young lady that remains is, of course, Wren Berry, Candybar's Fourth-to-Next-Top-Model from Cycle 0 doing what she does best: being gorgeous." Wren smiles charmingly to the girls.

"And of course you know me, Kyrie Elyson, fashion photographer and your host and friend. And of course we’re getting closer to the prizes! A contract with Carmendy Models Inc, a $100,000 contract with Au Naturel Cosmetics, a cover and spread with En Magazine, shot and styled by myself and Antona, and, finally, a chance to walk the runways of Paris Fashion Week after being taught the tricks of the trade by the panel's very own Wren Berry."

"This week you three girls took the things you learned during your challenge and gave us the most sincere form of flattery: imitation! And finally you showed us everything you had with a Brazilian Bikini photoshoot. The judges and Maranda took an opportunity to put on some bikinis of their own. Here's their shots."

"Names were randomly drawn and Max-B, you’re first!"


Renee: WOW, Kyrie...is that you?!
Wren: Hahahaha Kyrie!! You look so cute in this photo, I-
Kyrie: Of course that’s not me. You know I don’t model! This is Max-B portraying yours truly. Your critiques?
Renee: Holy Cow, Max-B, you totally encompassed Kyrie in every which way, you look EXACTLY like her....I mean, you're in her own skin and everything, the way you have the entire shoot set up.
Wren: Oh. Wow. That's not Kyrie? Jeezum. That is uncanny! Max-B, you really did encompass all that is Kyrie here! I love how the photo includes the nature of her profession. Very effective! [[Grin]]
Renee: Kyrie at work! That’s awesome. I really like the skinny jeans, and the hem, and your pose...it’s really cute. The overall interaction in the photo is smashing! Really good job.
Jae: Professional and artsy, just like my Kyrie!! I love how you depicted her with the blazer. That is something I can see her in, in a heartbeat. I like her setting she is in as well. You really captured her willingness to push her boundaries (or lack thereof.) Maybe you should go into photography, you look really at home!
Kyrie: She’ll run me out of business taking photos like this.
Jae: That’s okay, then you’ll have time to party with me!
Kyrie: Except that I won’t have the money to party...
Jae: …But you’re successful...
Kyrie: But I won’t b-nevermind.
Antona: Wow! I think you've captured the essence of Kyrie perfectly! She would definitely wear that, and it definitely looks like one of the photoshoots she has done in the past for En. You did a fabulous job with this! :)

Wren: Yeah, yeah, I'm diggin' this!!
That almost futuristic style suits you very well, especially with your beautiful platinum hair!
Renee: The cut of the bathing suit is really chic, and although I don’t think it would make a very good practical bathing suit, that’s not what was asked of you...so I think you did a great job. The bottoms and top give you a good amount of coverage, and that’s always appreciated. Your hair looks superb, by the way! Overall, great job, I really like it!
Antona: I really like this Max-B! Your suit is so gorgeous, and your colorful lightning background is wonderful, it all works really well together. My only complaint is that I'm not sure I like the gold/yellow on you, it's not bad, but it’s not great either, you're too blonde that the yellow kind of washes you out.
Renee:I disagree. I think you had a great choice of color Max-B! The entire photo shoot has get colors, they all fit together perfectly!
Wren: Yeah, I'm not digging the yellow on you. But you know what? That's just my personal preference and I think the suit looks great otherwise.
Jae: I'm lovin’ it. You look so hot, I love your background and that suit/shoe combo is possibly the hottest thing I've ever seen while not being slutty. I wish your body showed that you're not just a bag of skin. I know there's more definition in your waist and your stomach. And the lighting could be a little moodier on you in my opinion, but those are all just taste things. This is a very nice shot.
Kyrie: This is a beautiful shot, Max-B! Who knew you could look so amazing without any makeup on? You look natural, but still incredibly sexy! The bikini you chose was a great choice, it looks great on you. I love the lines of it.. It's interesting, and edgy. I love love love that you found a pair of shoes to mirror what was going on with the bathing suit. Very cool. The only thing I could say is that the pose is a little.. awkward. Were you walking towards the camera? Or.. standing like that? It looks a bit like you're balancing on another one of the rocks or something.. It's not that distracting, but it's still a little odd-looking to me. Still, job well done on everything else!
Antona: I agree, that pose is sort of weird, I like it... but it’s weird...
Renee: I noticed that too, is she standing, balancing, walking???
Wren: I think it works! It looks like you're sashaying towards the camera, and it puts a lot of interesting movement into the photo.
Kyrie: Thank you, Max-B.


Kyrie: Next we have Leona portraying our red-headed vixen. Because you’re the one who would know best, let’s start with you, Antona.
Antona: Well... besides for the awkward pose with your right arm... I can totally see where you were going with this, which is good, you just didn't exactly get to where you were going with it... However, I LOVE those shoes, they look like my signature shoes, without copying them exactly.
Jae: I'm gonna be blunt: I don't think that Antona would wear something like that. You could've been more creative in the way that you did her hair and not just got an Antona wig. You look a little uncomfortable and posed. Your hand looks like it hurts at that angle. The colors don't quite click.
Antona: While I don't love the dress, it isn't too bad, and it might be something I would wear to work
Wren: You did alright depicting Antona, but it really doesn't seem to encompass all that is Antona to me. If I squint my eyes a bit maybe. I think Antona would wear something a bit different too. Something more stripey and professional.
Renee: Well...hmmmm, I'll be honest...although I like the colors you've chose and the style of dress, the entire photo missed it by this *squints eyes while pinching fingers closely together* much. I don’t know what happened here, I guess the editing is what I have a problem with, it doesn’t look clean, or even anatomically correct, or anything. It actually looks unfinished to me. I do get the concept you were going for, but it wasn’t executed 100%. As far as you depicting Antona, it ok, just ok. I think you could have done better, maybe if you were standing? I don’t know, I'm confused by this photo.
Renee: Yes, yes, I nearly forgot! WHERE ARE THE STRIPES?!!!
Antona: they're on her bracelet... if you look REALLY close, they're there, lol!
Jae: We didn't want you to copy her outfit word for word, but Antona's THING is stripes.
Antona:... contrary to popular belief, I don't wear stripes ALL the time... however, I LOVE that you fit in the stripes in your bracelet, that is something I commonly do when I can't find anywhere else to put them, so I applaud you for noticing that! :)
Wren: Well, I like the photo itself, the environment and the composition and everything. Except for that person peeking out...which is kind of weird...and your pose is a little awkward. It's like you're leaning on the arm of the couch, but it's a pretty non-existent arm! I kind of get what you were going for but it doesn't quite work out.
Antona: I'm wondering what the other person in the picture is doing, their presence isn't clear as to what they are doing, or why they are there... but if they were not there, and that arm was different... I'd say you did a really good job on this, or a great effort at least! :)
Jae: and I'm not quite sure what the other person is doing in your picture... I'm just confused by this picture and not baffled with amazement. Sorry.
Renee: I must say though, you look hott in that deep burgundy hair Leona!!!

Kyrie: Hmm.. I like the cut of your bathing suit, but I think the fabric and design on it is.. All wrong. The Geometrics--if that's what they were supposed to be--kind of overload your frame. I think a solid color, or maybe a solid color with a single color pattern, would have been better.
Renee: Hmmm, I don’t know Leona. I mean, I really really like the bottom cut of the bathing suit and how it fits your hops, but the top is a little too much. I agree with Kyrie, it looks like it makes you feel very uncomfortable. The bottom half of your shoot is great, the upper part, not so much. And I think a solid color would have gone better too, or maybe two colors, the pattern on such a small amount of fabric doesn’t look right. But kudos on the shoes!
Jae: The pattern feels a little...crayola with your frame. Because you're SO damn skinny, you have to find something less busy. Agreeing with the rest, a solid or even a simpler print may have worked. Probably a solid though. I'll even be okay with the plunging neckline because it ISN'T a normal bathing suit.
Wren I actually like the print of your suit, but it isn't the sort of print I would expect to see on a piece of haute-couture, and it really doesn't help to compliment the photo.
Antona: I'm in agreement with the other judges, I like the cut of your suit, but it'd have been better in a solid color, and you really shouldn't have had so much makeup on... yes, it looks like you pared down the makeup you usually wear, but it still wasn't very au naturel...
Kyrie: Also, you're way too made up! You're got lots of blush on, don't you? The point of this shoot was to have zero makeup on, and you look like you just went up to the makeup table and put the whole thing in your face--at least, in comparison with Holly and Max-B.
Jae:Too much makeup for this challenge. I do like a lot of the things you did as details, the feet in the water, the changed expression, the earrings, but the big parts that were actually assigned fell flat. And speaking of flat things, or rather really NOT flat things, where the hell did you get those jugs? I know no girl on the planet without implants that can have legs as skinny as yours but still be falling out of her top. And if you are falling out of your top, you have a problem my dear and ought to find a different outfit.
Antona: I love your background, and your pose is cute... but your boobs look like they're about to fall out... we don't want a wardrobe malfunction, do we?
WrenAs said by the other judges, your make up is very evident and not really Au Naturel as was asked. And my goodness, boobs. You're squishing them in place! It looks like they would fall out completely if not for that. You are a really gorgeous, sexy girl in this beautiful photo Leona, but unfortunately those mistakes matter a lot when it's down to the final three.
Kyrie: Your pose is.. Okay. You look a little nervous, so that doesn't really sell the bathing suit as well as we would have liked it to..
Wren: This is such a beautiful photo and I'm really sad that certain important aspects of it lowers the bar so much! I mean, the scenery is amazing, your pose is amazing, your energy is amazing, your face is so powerful...but the key points of the shoot (the suit, the makeup) are really out of context.
Kyrie: Thank you, Leona.


Kyrie: And now for the final member of the final three.
Jae: That’s two finals!
Wren: It’s the final countdown!
Renee and Antona: [[Simultaneously sigh.]]
Wren: DudoDootdo Doooo—
Kyrie: They’ve been doing this since the lemur incident disqualified CJ and Ava. Wren, if I can get your opinion on this picture?
Wren Wow, I did a really good job on this photo didn't I? [[Smiles triumphantly, takes a long sip of tea, then glances back at the photo]]
PPPFFFRTTTTTT!! [[an enormous amount of tea sprays forth from Wren's lips]]
PPPFFFFFFTTT! [[...still spraying...]]


[[Finally, exactly 3 minutes and 33 seconds later, the spraying stops and Wren composes herself]]
I'm sorry, I just realized... When the heck did I ever own THOSE adorable shoes? My goodness. I've got to go back through my closet and find them. They are absolutely magnificent!!

[[Everyone stares at Wren]]

What? Where's Holly's photo? How am I supposed to critique how well she impersonated moi if we don't get to see the picture?
Jae: Holly! You are one good Wren! You have her feminine charm, her adorable aloof glance, and her favorite beverage! You look comfortable at that tea-bar. Overall great picture!
Renee: Holly...you're too cute, even as Wren!! You're depiction of Wren is nearly perfect, I don’t even recognize you. I mean, you even put in green contacts, good work. The pose is playful, you're drinking TEA!! I know Wren will be please with that [[glances at Wren]].
Wren: [[Doesn’t even notice as she is busy making another kettle of tea on a hotplate at her desk.]]
Renee: I absolutely LOVE your skirt! The only complaint I have is your left arm/hand has seemed to disappear I don’t see it. I'm confused. Overall though, great depiction of Wren!
Antona:I can definitely see Wren in this picture, you look exactly like the Wren we all know and love as the adorable, slightly clueless yet brilliant girl, who just so happens is a model too. You've caught her as the girl next door, rather than the model, which I like a lot. Good job with this! Even though it isn't super fancy, you've shown us how you see Wren, and it's almost spot-on! good job!

Kyrie: Another beauty looking naturally beautiful! I love your pose, it's so relaxed.. But I think you should have let your arm fall behind your hip, rather than in front of it. It's cutting off part of your leg, and looks odd. Also, your bathing suit looks a little.. over-complicated, it's drawing my eyes into too many places at once. I think if the bottoms were a little less complicated..? Either way, I think my favorite part of the picture is your hair--beautiful beachy waves, and yet still that signature Holly color. I love it, because it's so you.
Renee: ACK! It’s about to rain and ruin your gorgeous bathing suit!!!
Jae: But it’s a swim suit…isn’t it supposed to like…be…waterproof?
Renee: Everybody knows that a haute couture bathing suit should not be dampened! I love the concept behind it and that you went with a solid black, it really calms down the look of it cause it’s a wild suit, and it brings attention to your face and fab hair! I agree with Kyrie about it being a LITTLE too loud. I think it would have looked better without those two hip string thingies. But the cut of the bottoms, the brass looking loops, full coverage on top (and bottom) and sexiness in the middle is perfect. Good job Holly, I really love it!
Jae: This suit is a little too complicated for my tastes. But I'm in LOVE with how you're standing and how you look! You're absolutely glowing my honey dumplings!
Antona: You’re not heavily worded, my dear. Is something the matter?
Jae: I have an intense and sudden craving for honey dumplings.
Antona: Holly, this is a gorgeous shot of you! Your background is beautiful, and really fits the theme of your suit. I really like the edgy, complicated look of your suit, it's definitely not something you'd see every day, and that's what I like about it!
Wren: Beautiful! You know, I really love this dark theme in your photo. You really stand out! You're one of the edgier models we have, so things like this really suit your style. I'm glad you went in this direction. Everything about this photo is gorgeous except one itsy bitsy thing....and I hope Jae's not listening...cover her ears girls...
Antona: [[Covers Jae’s ears]] Got it.
Wren: Is your bottom made of...denim? It sort of looks like a pair of black jean shorts to me. It's got that little zipper ponch thing on it....and if it isn't denim...I hate to say this but that little detail gives a slight masculine quality to the suit and I'm not sure if you were really going for that! So...that's just one thing to watch out for. Really good job otherwise!
Kyrie: Thank you, Holly. Now that we’ve seen all the—
Wren: What about CJ and Ava?!
Kyrie: I’ve said it about 10 times now, they had to be disqualified due to the Lemur—
Wren: Oh…oh right. You never explained that whole thing to me. Are you ever going to give that exposition?
Kyrie: No.

"Now that we’ve seen all the photos, the judges will deliberate and decide who the final two are going to be."

Kyrie: I feel like nothing can be said here that hasn’t been said before.
Antona: It’s like there’s nothing we can tell these girls at this point, it’s fall or fly.
Renee: Maybe they’re getting a little to Icarus on us.
Jae: Icarus?
Renee: Flying too close to the sun.
Jae: ...
Renee: Greek mythology?
Jae: ...
Renee: Extending the fall or fly metaphor?
Jae: ...
Renee: ...
Jae: Is...is Holly wearing...d-d-den—
Antona NEVER!
Kyrie: ...Erm...
Antona: Well, I think this one’s doing well, but let’s be honest, she’s always done well.
Wren: But this one is so creative, and has grown so much
Renee: Honestly I like this one's shoot better for just this round. We can't only measure them by what they've done, but also what they're doing right now.
Kyrie: Well, I think we all need to just put in our vote. All for—

"Three beautiful girls stand before me, but I only have two photos in my hands. These photos represent the girls who will become the finalists and participate in the finale of Candybar's Next Top Model."

Max-B: You’re good and you know it. You’re pretty and you know it. But you need to watch out. The finale’s challenges are going to require it's participants to step it up. But we have faith that you will show us something to be proud of. Let us know we've taught you something. Congratulations, you’re in the final two progressing towards becoming Candybar's Next Top Model.

"Will Leona and Holly please step forward."

"There’s only one photo remaining. The photo represents the other participant in the final two who will compete in the finale of Candybar’s Next Top Model. I will only call one name. The name I do not call must immediately return to the house and pack their things for their return trip to America."

"Leona, I’ll start with you. You came into this competition fresh faced and you lasted in spite of worries about your weight and a trip to the bottom two. You've baffled the minds of the judges by your defying of physics and anatomy. You idolized an actress to the point of aiming your life towards her, worrying the judges that you were just a wanna-be. You started as an amateur, whereas the other girls standing here were pretty experienced when they came into the competition. We are so proud of your growth. You're a good model, but we’re not sure it’s enough to keep you representing us. Maybe it's not your time."

"Holly, we know you so well. We've been with you through the whole battle and we have great pride in your growth and development. But one thing that worries us is that you may not have the drive that the other ladies may have. You’re a good model, but your growth isn't consistent. At the beginning of this cycle, you were exciting, dazzling us every time we received your photo. As time went on the other girls progressed and got better but it feels as if you stopped trying as hard. Candybar's Next Top Model will not be a chore. The model who wins must have the passion necessary to carry on the title with pride. Can you show us something you haven’t shown us before? Can you overcome the plateau you’re now known for?"

"This is a hard decision for the judges. All of you girls are very deserving of success, but in the end there will only be one Candybar’s Next Top Model and I have to eliminate one of you right now. Will it be the girl who has grown a lot, but maybe not enough or the girl who had such bright beginnings but seems to grow tired?"


"Holly, your attention to detail has waned, but you’re going against a strong competitor. If you want to prove to us that you want this title and the prizes that accompany it, you will have to step it up and bring everything you have to the finale."

"Thank you, Leona."
It’s sad when you have to say goodbye to a competitor. Hopefully after we revamp the community to be easier to handle and open Cycle 3, you will join us again, this process has been long and difficult on us all.

The finale is coming. Again, patience is stressed, the judges lives are still hectic. But we're hoping this will be a wonderful experience when it’s all said and done. I must say I've enjoyed the personality of this cycle, even ignoring the drama.
6th-Apr-2009 07:54 pm (UTC)
I have to say, I never thought this day would come. I'm excited, though! Final two, WHOOOOOOO!

((Also, I never even noticed the weird shading by Holly's crotch in the swimsuit, and now it is ALL I CAN LOOK AT. I have no idea what is even going on there, but I promise you that Holly is too classy of a lady to wear a denim swimsuit.))
6th-Apr-2009 09:01 pm (UTC)
(Yeah, it's been a while, but we're confident we can get this moving again! We need to change some things about CBNTM and we will do them before launching cycle 3.

Also, I sympathize with you about the the swimsuit. My upstairs computer has a monitor that's different from the one I used to work on. Sometimes I didn't even know I made a mistake because I just couldn't see it.)
6th-Apr-2009 09:05 pm (UTC)
6th-Apr-2009 08:44 pm (UTC)
Props to miss Jae for bringing this back from the dead.

Again, our apolgoies ladies for taking so long to get this back up and running. =)

6th-Apr-2009 09:03 pm (UTC)
I know, right? It's been so long! I'm so glad we're on the finale! We're gonna keep it rollin til the end!!
6th-Apr-2009 09:11 pm (UTC)
I'm really glad you like it, Kyrie! I had fun portraying you :D

Leona - you were one hell of a contestant. I'm sorry to see you go ♥
6th-Apr-2009 11:46 pm (UTC)
It was worth the wait! Leona is so overt XDDD She'll be missed.
8th-Apr-2009 12:31 am (UTC)
Thank you!

We all hope that Leona will join us again in our next cycle!
7th-Apr-2009 03:31 am (UTC)

Congrats to the final two!!!! Can't wait for the finale; it's going to be epic epic epic.
8th-Apr-2009 12:31 am (UTC)
(I think that's a perfectly logical reason why CJ left, don't you? Haha.)
8th-Apr-2009 03:36 am (UTC)
(Definitely! xDDDD)
11th-Apr-2009 03:00 am (UTC)
Ah the results are finally here.

I must note that this was a challenging competition, competing with you two was amazing. I know that I've grown from the first shoot, and that's what really counts. I wish you two best of luck, I know any of you would be a great representation!

Farewell...next cycle? Maybe. Only if Leona can rejoin...jk
11th-Apr-2009 04:15 am (UTC)
Hey, where did you get the background for your swimsuit photo? It's so beautiful!
14th-Apr-2009 05:32 pm (UTC)
Uh...I usually just browse deviantart...but I don't remember the user. Sorry.
5th-May-2009 02:22 am (UTC)
Aww, I really love Leona's shots. But all the shots were really good. Sorry Leona :( :(

Congratulations to the Top 2!
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