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Who Will Blossom?
... Into Candybar's Next Top Model?
11th-Apr-2010 04:36 am

And only with a half of the quality. :)
(That is to say, this is gonna totally be Jae's voiceover of the episode, so y'know, craziness and sleep deprivation aside, it's not gonna be put together well, but I wanted to give you something to nom on. When I get some numbers/votes I'll put up the second half, the one that you guys actually care about.)

Oooookay. I keep...pushing this not only to the back burner, but taking it off the heat and wandering away to order fast food. Guilt is a powerful motivator Let's roll with this mother trucker.

The girls walk into the judging room for the final time, wracked with what feels like months, nay years of anticipation. Standing before them are the ever radiant and judges. They're introduced like they were a million times before. Kyrie Elyson, Renee Carmendy, Antona Mitchell, Wren Berry, and Jae Mytchell.

The final prizes are announced as well.

The first is top tier representation by Carmendy Model Management, followed by a $100,000 contract with Au Naturel cosmetics and an ad campaign featuring your fresh face, as well as a cover and spread in En Magazine, styled by Antona Mitchell and shot by yours truly. After that, you'll storm the runways of Paris, France for Fashion Week alongside Wren Berry, in a post-Candybar's on-site training course!

Aren't you excited? You should be excited.

Well, for this week you girls did both an Au Naturel ad, and Runways for four leading designer lines: Sele Alancar, Revive, Davra Ada, and Poison Candy.

But before we show you their work, let's take a flash back and look at this past few weeks of photoshoots.

"Our first photoshoot the models channeled The Garden of Models. Holly represented the Cattleya and MaxB was an Oriental Lily"

Garden of Models

Antona: I loved both of these, and compared to the rest of the girls, Holly was a standout, but when it's just these two, Max-B stands out more between the two of them

Wren: At this point, I was so amazed by Max-B's abilities that I knew she would go far. Holly didn't do much for me early on, and I think MaxB hovered leagues over everyone in this shoot. She definitely stands out here.

Renee: I loved them both, but I thought Max-B's was more on the high fashion end, and was a little more cheery.

Kyrie: Conceptual is always something we're looking for, but at the same time, a photo that stands out is one that doesn't need as much explanation as the others. Up against some of the other girls, Holly was better, but, when it's just her and Max-B, I'd say Max-B had this one. She IS an oriental lily. You can at LEAST get 'lily' by looking at her shot.

Jae: I feel like MaxB started off golden in this shoot. Holly's was very conceptual though, and I admire that. But it doesn't seem as well executed as MaxB's.

"The second shoot stretched the models to be as flexible as they could."


Wren: Again, MaxB stood out here. Holly's was ok, but MaxB looks high fashion, and she really was the chameleon here, while Holly looks like Holly in two different outfits.

Kyrie: I prefer Max-B's, although I would have liked it better if she hadn't used a wig. As far as hair goes, Holly was better.. But still, too much explanation was needed to make the shot work.

Renee: I agree with Kyrie, although Holly looked stunning, her shoot did require too much of an explanation. Max-B's was well thought out, it told a story and was high fashion. She really did a good job on that assignment.

Jae: Again I feel like MaxB excelled in this one. Hers is clearer and more high fashion. Holly's requires more of a story and explanation to make sense, but is still an amazing shoot.

Antona: I think Max-B wins this one out of the two. I don't think either of them really nailed the point of the shoot, but out of the two, Max's is far more high fashion and a bit more understandable without a huge explanation

"The third photoshoot gave us a flashback to the past, having the girls update the past. Holly portrayed Twiggy and MaxB was a modern Marilyn Monroe."

Updated Idols

Renee: I really really liked Holly's Twiggy, well, that dress mainly and her hair. It was super high fashion and chic to me, when compared to Max-B's...how did Kyrie say it? "space-Monroebot"...it really just blew the bad Marilyn shoot out of the water. I loved Holly in this assignment.

Antona: I just plain didn't like Max-B's in this, I think she missed the boat on what we asked for. Holly did a good job of updating the past and making it for today, not the future... so Holly wins this one for me

Wren: This is where the dynamics totally changed. Holly started to bloom here, and her Twiggy was spot on. I love her sassy pose, her coyness...I think a little bit of Holly's own personality mirrors Twiggy and that was a strength for her. MaxB did a good photo too, but I don't see Marilyn at all. She took a chance in going in a more stylized route, but unfortunately it didn't work in her favor.

Jae: I really like Twiggy's...er...Holly's shot. MaxB's shot was simply not as well done. They're within a close shot of one another though.

Kyrie: While NEITHER of them nailed it, I think Holly's Twiggy was much better than Max-B's Marilyn. I get 'mod in the 00's' from Holly's, but Max-B looks like.. space-Monroebot. It wasn't updated to now, but to.. like 2027?

"With the fourth shoot, we regressed the girls to their teen years and gave them the jobs you love to hate. Holly's Worst Job in the World was a cashier at Walmart while MaxB was given children to care for."

Worst Job in the World

Kyrie: HOLLY NAILED IT. Max-B's pales in comparison. She is rocking that ugly blue vest and it is FABULOUS. The only thing I could have wished for more was if she'd climbed up on one of those conveyor belts.

Renee: Oh I loved this one!! I couldn't compliment Holly enough, she made working at Wal-Mart look chic. As for Max-B...looking back on this now, oh dear, brings back ugly memories. She looks like a trailer trash, cigarette smoking, welfare using hoodrat. Yuck! I hated it.

Jae: As everybody else I fell in love with Walmart during this shoot so it's safe to say that Holly owned this one.

Wren: Agreed. Holly was the only girl who absolutely nailed this shoot. 'Nuff said. It was perfect.
MaxB...oh goodness. I was afraid she would start to go downhill from this point, because her rendition of this photoshoot was le horrible. I had high hopes for her, and it just fell flat here.

Antona: Holly wins this one hands down. she's spot on for what we asked of her, while Max-B's is just really confusing as to what she's even doing... I don't know.

"The Cirque du Modélé came to town during the fifth photoshoot. Holly swung high on the trapeze and MaxB stepped carefully along her tightrope."

Le Cirque

Renee: Wow, this was a close one. I really liked Max-B's portrayal of the tight rope walker, and her editing job (especially the shadow work), but it was more tacky than high fashion and it was a little unrealistic. Holly on the other hand, well, her outfit just said it all. Its amazing!

Jae: I have to say that Holly was my favorite in this photoshoot. Her portrayal was classy and well done, whereas there are bits of MaxB's that simply clashed.

Kyrie: Holly's is a much more stunning shot, but I have to admire the amount of work that went into Max-B's shot. Holly's outfit and hair are doing most of the work for her. Neither of them really nailed it for this shoot, but I think, overall, Holly's was better.

Wren: I remember being a little disappointed with this one overall, because it was about movement, and nobody really got that! MaxB was close, but I found her shadow to be more interesting than her! And that rope just bugs the heck out of me, it looks like she would fall right off. Even then, she stood out from the other girls on her merit and technical abilities.
Holly, on the other hand...while completely missing the point ended up with a really great photo that I actually liked. The composition and lighting, hair and makeup, her outfit...everything just stands out and looks great. But she's only sitting there!

Antona: I prefer Holly on this one. Max-B on the tightrope just looks confusing cause the tightrope isn't straight so it doesn't look believable...

"Lured by promise of Samba Dancing, Mark showed up to model with the girls for the sixth photoshoot."

Samba Dancing

Renee: Well, I remember this entire photoshoot was a little lacklustre. However, I think Holly stood out more than Max-B. Although Holly's bottoms had too much material, her pose and overall costume was beautiful! Max-B's looked too bright, short and her background was way too washed out.

Jae: This whole shoot was a bomb. MaxB looks more like she's dancing more than Holly though, so she has my points.

Wren:Man oh man did our girls start to fail later on in the game. What happened?
I like neither of these shots. They both look great, but their outfits do not, and neither of them are samba dancing! I am going to give more props to MaxB here though, because at least she got the ambience down perfectly. And she is dancing...if not samba dancing...

Antona:I prefer Holly in this one, I think her costume looks much more convincing as a samba dancing costume, even if she doesn't look like she's dancing... plus she's at least trying to make eye contact with Mark. Max-B's just looked wrong...

"In the seventh photoshoot The Judges were the subject of our remaining three girls. Holly represented Wren and MaxB took on Kyrie's persona."

Imitation and flattery

Renee: By far, Kyrie...I mean, Max-B took this one. She encompassed Kyrie very very well, not to mention her editing was superb. I think out of all of the photoshoots, this had to have been Max-B's best work!

Wren: I did amazingly well in this shoot, thankyouverymuch!
Well it's hard not to be biased here, so I'm going to step back and point out something I never really realized until we got all of these photos together. Holly makes the same face in every single one! At least MaxB put a little something different on her face, even if it is slight. They both did well here, but based on Holly's repetition...I think MaxB was the victor here. She became someone else and that's what a model often needs to do.

Antona: Kyrie... er, Max-B won this one, hands down. Yes, they're both accurate portrayals of the judges they're portraying, but obviously Max-B put more effort into it, so she wins this shoot

Jae: MaxB IS Kyrie in this photo. She did amazing work in this photo and the time she invested shows.

"Quickly we had to move on to the second half of the seventh photoshoot, Brazilian Bikinis were adorned. Somewhere Mark wonders why he couldn't be in this photoshoot."

Brazilian Bikinis

Antona: Hard to choose a favorite for this one... so I say, TIE! they both rocked this shoot for different reasons

Renee: While both the girls I think lacked something, I really did like Holly's over Max-B's. I dont know if it was the yellow that threw me off or the overall design of Max-B's but I just wasn't feeling it as much as Hollys. Hollys was more funky and had more of an edge, I liked hers more.

Wren: Holly. Her suit was beautiful. She is completely comfortable in her own skin here, and I really can see her personality break through in this photo.
I started to feel like MaxB never really had that same sort of breakthrough in this competition. She almost always did well, sometimes over performed, sometimes went in a little more extravagant or dramatic direction...and I think it's because she isn't comfortable just being herself. Meh, I could be wrong...but I feel a lot more genuine emotions coming from Holly.

Jae: My vote belongs to Holly here. Her photoshoot was so cohesive even though MaxB's setting was better.

Wow...that flashback was crazy. Cue the spinning screen change and the music that goes woooOOOooo! Before we move on, we need to do some calculations. So that's what this is. A cliffhanger. DUN DUN DUN! I know, I know, you hate me. It just makes me love you more, darling. It just makes me love you more my dumpling.

9th-May-2010 11:03 pm (UTC)
Good luck to the two contestants! Both of you have gorgeous portfolios <3
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