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Who Will Blossom?
... Into Candybar's Next Top Model?
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16th-May-2008 06:15 pm - Elimination 6
CB2J: Kyrie
Another long wait, again I'm sorry. (There has been slacking on all fronts here. @__@ We should pick up the pace.. The finalè is so close!) Anyway, without further ado, your elimination ceremony begins now!

Who will be eliminated tonight?Collapse )

REMEMBER ladies, the deadline for submission for the photoshoot is tomorrow  
April 4th, 2008, before 12:00 midnight EST.
Extensions will be granted for CJ, Ava, Holly and Leona ONLY. 

..and as of right now, no one has asked for an extension.

I'm getting worried, and anxious.

Thank you.

-CBNTM Judge Renee

23rd-Mar-2008 06:04 am - Photoshoot 6
CB2J: Kyrie
It's Final Six, and you guys know what that means..! We're getting closer and closer to deciding who will become Candybar's Next Top Model! Your next photoshoot is inside, and I bet you're dying to see what it is..!

Photoshoot inside!Collapse )
21st-Feb-2008 01:52 am - Challenge 6 Update
CB2J: Kyrie
Guess what, ladies?

It's now officially the 20th of February, and you know what that means.

Challenges are due today. Please post your finished photographs in the challenge post here.

I know a lot of you are having problems getting everything together, but we've given you a lot of time. However, if you are still in need of more, please leave a comment here, and send an e-mail to SorceryGenius@aol.com with your progress so far. We want to be able to see that you guys have been working, not just asking for extensions and not working on your stuff together.

Keep in mind that disqualification from challenges doesn't count against you in the main competition, however giving the judges more to look at and giving every photoshoot and challenge your all will definitely work to your advantage. We've let a few girls slide on these things before, however we aren't too terribly open to do it too many times.
30th-Jan-2008 10:31 pm - Challenge 6
CB2J: Kyrie
We're getting right on into the next challenge. Are you ready? Because this one is going to be insane!
29th-Jan-2008 09:16 pm - Elimination!
CB2J: Kyrie
So sorry for the long wait! (I recently got a job, so I'm trying to juggle all of my responsibilities, plus it was hard getting everyone back on track after the holidays.. Not to mention there were some late submissions and we didn't start deliberating until after everyone had submitted (usually we start as soon as the photoshoot goes up, so that we can get the judgements out quicker) and we had to wait for everyone to get their comments in... But here we are! Don't worry!

Who will be eliminated tonight?Collapse )
9th-Dec-2007 11:56 pm(no subject)
K-ON!: Mio
Now our judge is back from her vacation (she needed it!), we can proceed with the photoshoot.

What could it be?Collapse )
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